Synergy created an end-to-end digital ecosystem to help you optomize downstream revenue opportunities.
Synergy App

Keep track of all things auto from maintenance and warranties to protection products and paperwork.

  • Send and receive push notifications to your customer base

  • Easily schedule service appointments

  • Add and manage multiple vehicles in your Garage

  • Don't hand your customer to the OEM's

  • Nurture your relationship with customers

  • Using real time data through connected car tech

  • Request and track live roadside assistance

  • Receive important recall and warranty notifications

  • Access warranty and protection product details

  • View contract with product terms, program benefits, and claims details


Transact additional subscription products

We provide solutions to improve the customer connection before, during, and after the sale.
Synergy Program Benefits

Stay connected with customers after the sale by utilizing push notifications and scheduling service appointments.

Fast, Detailed Claims and Customer Service

While traveling, repairs can be made at any authorized repair facility in the United States or Canada. If so desired, transient claims can be reimbursed through our national credit card accounts. using our insightful customer service representatives, customers have the ability to check on their claims.

Roadside Assistance

National Roadside Assistance through our Provider for towing and other emergency needs. If you have a breakdown or need other assistance, call the toll-free number 24 hours a day.

Contract Transferability

In the event you sell the covered vehicle to another private party, you may apply for transfer of coverage to the new owner.

Interest Free Payment Plan & Subscription

Don't let cost be a reason driving away without an Service Contract! We can provide you with a convenient, interest-free way or subscription plan to purchase an Synergy Service Contract.